Sales representative

 Jobs: Sales representative
 Hiring: 3 people
Location: Canton
Department: Business
Updated: 2015-6-2


1, in market research, analysis, market information collection;
  2, Hong Kong and international express delivery and import sales through the network, telephone call and other channels;
  3, to promote the company products, potential customers and develop new customers, sales targets;
4, to cooperate with the intention of customers to make timely visits;
  5, maintaining old customers and new business development, improve the company's reputation and market share;
  6, to establish a good relationship with our customers to maintain corporate image.

 Job requirements:

1, female, college or higher education specifically, about a year of work experience is preferred;
  2, with some basic English, cheerful, full of passion;
  3, with good communication skills;
  4, foreign trade, logistics, English professional experience preferred.