Goods packaging

For your convenience correctly and quickly send the goods, according to the express goods loading, saving, require handling, especially the development of this package is recommended guidelines for your reference.

Packing principles:
  1. In accordance with the nature of the transport of goods, state and weight, select the corresponding types of packaging.
  2. Package to be strong, intact, lightweight, easy handling, loading and stacking.
  Outside 3. Packaging not have prominent nails, hooks, barbed like.
  The package should be clean, dry and free of odors and stains.
  5. The article should be fixed in the box, and with no space left between the box should be used to fill the filler.
  6. Inter-packaged goods can not collide with each other, if you can use filler to fill the gap.
  7. Do not use with debris, the grass at the end of the packaging material, such as straw bags, straw etc.

8. The various types of packaging weight of goods should be limited to loading range.
  9. The article pointed at the need to thicken wrap, box and other packaging to prevent damage.
  10. The package cushioning material (such as paper dust, etc.) can not leak.
  11. The weight of over 10 kilograms of cargo should use package strapping.
12. packing tape should be able to bear the full weight of the goods, and guaranteed not to mention disconnected.
  o Use glass or fragile bottles, the weight of a bottle of the contents shall not more than 1 kilogram, and use double packaging, specifically refer to the 3.

o bag costumes, the outermost layer of plastic coating textile bags should be used for packaging, to ensure that the powder will not leak, but the piece of cargo gross weight not exceeding 50 kg.
o with a hard drum, barrel, plywood drum dressed, requiring the barrel body is not broken, tight joints, lid seal, confining strong and robust. Single piece of cargo gross weight of not more than 25 kg is appropriate.
o In addition to glass and other fragile bottle, the other bottle packaging needs into a large cardboard box, carton each side should use plywood and other hard padded, foam filled sealing after filling.
  o You do not use plywood underlayment, etc., you need to use an iron or wooden crates.
  o outer carton pasted on each side of the fragile eye-catching stickers and the like.
  Precision vulnerability, brittle and fragile goods packing
  o Each piece of cargo gross weight of not more than 25 kg is appropriate, and were used in the following packaging method of packaging goods according to the degree of vulnerability:

o Multilevel Packaging: 3 will be packaged according to the instructions.
o Tension Packaging: that with a few spring or rope, from all aspects of the goods is suspended inside the box, such as large tubes, X - ray tubes;
o Anti-Invert Packaging: Coming container chassis made large, there are portable to cover roof type cover ring or the like; not flat glass, windshield, etc. must be used to prevent the flat package (chassis big plus vertical bracket seq.), before the carrier;
o tube packaging: Apply a sufficiently thick plastic foam or other cushioning material muffled tight, plus sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden boxes, items inside can not shake;
Forced afraid to bare goods and goods packaging
o irregular shape and difficult to count the number of pieces, easy to break something rigid cargo aircraft, must plus linen, cardboard, cloth or rope were additional packaging to avoid damage to other shipments or aircraft.
o strength with ropes tying goods should be able to withstand the full weight of the goods subject, lifting the whole cargo rope without disconnecting.
Valuables packaging
o When packaged in accordance with the above method, the need to choose a hard and difficult to be damaged package types (such as wooden, tin trunk, synthetic plastic boxes, etc.), and the installation of "well" -shaped Tieyao.