About us

Guangzhou Lijie International Logistics Co., Ltd. is an international transportation agency officially approved by the Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company was founded at the end of 2003. In the short period of time, the company has been expanding its scale in the use of advanced international transportation management system, relying on the continuous hard work, innovation and determination of normal development of all employees. The business scope includes international express delivery, international air transport, multimodal transport import and export trade, etc., can provide customers with a series of perfect one-stop service!

After years of struggle and development, Lijie International Logistics has accumulated a large number of in-house experience, trained a large number of outstanding and professional enterprise talents, and took all kinds of sensitive goods is our company's special service. DHL UPS FEDEX TNT EMS can go all Sensitive goods, stable channels, affordable prices, the company has very professional operators, rich in professional knowledge and operational experience of sensitive goods, operators will choose a safe and fast for customers based on different sensitive goods and different destination countries. Our cargo channel, our company regularly learns the customs policies of various countries, promptly informs customers of the customs policies of various countries, and escorts the goods of customers.

The company will continue to adhere to the "customer first, service first" business philosophy and dedication to provide customers with "safe, efficient, fast, accurate, saving" service! We will continue to work hard to use our strengths and external environment to continue to enhance our price advantage and improve the quality of our services! Strive to make our company a modern logistics enterprise with professional, group and international standards!